Continua - Polished Concrete Tiles
Available in 1200mm x 1200mm

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Continua is a range that lets you create modern minimalist living spaces of outstanding beauty. Minimal effects within the tile reveal patterns, geometric shapes and abstract. Continua is suitable for interior design of both residential and commercial nature.
Continua is the ideal surface for dressing the modern where the absolute form of the furniture needs a context by the high communicative power, but at the same time minimal. For this reason, the choice of large format 1200mm x 1200mm is the best solution to enhance the strong impact of design.Continua is available in five colours almond, beige, cement, black, dark grey Finish: Natural, Honed.

Continua is available in the following tile sizes:
1200mmx 1200mm £55.00 per sqm
1200mm x 600mm £49.00 per sqm
600mm x 600mm £40.00 per sqm

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Continua - Tile Colours

Continua Almond Tile lp

Continua Beige Tile lp

Continua Grey Tile lp

Continua Dark Grey tile lp

Continua Black tile lp